1 month with Baxter!

IMG_2517 Well it has been a month, a full 4 weeks to the day since we have welcomed home our newest little man, Baxter.  Let me just tell you, these little boys are something else!  Both LM and Baxter keep me on my toes and there is never a dull moment around here.  I guess that is also true with a 3-year old LL who knows it all as well and isn’t afraid to tell you also!  Throw in the removal of Steven’s wisdom teeth, some new teeth for LM, and a neutering, and I’m ready for all my boys to all be better and some down time (haha)!IMG_2487

So yes, little Baxter had his little boy parts removed (ouch!) on March 19th (that is him on the way over there.)  Thanks to Dr. Vince and the great staff over at Animal Medical Clinic in Peachtree City, he does not seem to be phased one bit from this!  He came home a little teary-eyed and groggy in his “cone of shame” and I felt bad for about an hour until he tried to play with the girls and run around.  Trying to control a puppy, 2 kids, and 2 other dogs, made for a very hectic few days of “rest” for him, but somehow we survived and Baxter is back and crazier than ever.  Not that this should be a surprise, but somehow this little conniving dog roped us in with perfect behavior the first couple weeks, has now turned into a full puppy.  He still is very good for the most part (still house-trained and sleeping through the night), just very energetic, a bit mouthy, and can get two nine and ten year old dogs going like puppies too!  It is great for Devon & Zevon, but they get loud and very rambunctious – which there is a time and place for – but our bedroom at 5:30am is NOT it!


We are working on training.  Working on are the key words.  I feel like a bit of a hypocrite.  Over the years we have been complimented on Devon & Zevon many times on how they are so good on leash, with kids, in public, etc.  How did we do that?  Our answer was simply – take the time to train BEFORE KIDS!!  It frustrates me so much to see families add a puppy to their home with young kids and then have to get rid of it because it is “bad” or put up with bad behavior because of lack of time and training.  The dog person in me strongly feels that there are not bad dogs, just bad owners (which is now a view I share with kids and parents too!)  We are trying not to make that mistake, but it is really hard to find time to train and puppy while you are training (raising) young kids (duh?).  When Steven and I were single doggie-parents, we both took the time to attend obedience classes with our respective dogs.  That all being said, Baxter found us and we are trying our best (with the help of LL, Devon & Zevon) to turn him into a good doggie citizen.

We are proud to report he has gained 4lbs!  He follows the girls around like the little puppy dog he is, seeking their approval at every turn.  LL has officially claimed him as hers.  “Mommy has Devon, Daddy has Zevon, I have Baxter, now LM needs a dog!”  NO!  It is impossible for any of us to turn a blind eye towards a dog in need, but just praying for the time being none happen to cross our paths.  I know that there are SO many out there (and I can’t ignore that) and I truly hope someday we can figure out a way to help more, but for now, we’ve changed the life of Baxter and I’ve renewed my faith in my knowing that I am called to somehow speak for those who cannot.


Baxter’s New Collar to match the rest of the family: (and matching leash!)


Here is my attempt at walking my 2 little people and 3 dogs: (yes we take up half our street!)



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2 responses to “1 month with Baxter!

  1. Mom

    I’m so proud of you! And I’m amazed that you even tried to walk all three dogs and my two grandchildren at the same time!! Pretty bold on your part!!!

  2. You must be wonder woman! You are a great mom and doggie mom. I have two dogs and they can drive me crazy! I am so happy that you and your family are the ones, along with myself and Tom love animals. I wish I could save them all. Love Karen xoxo


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