Book Review: Daughters

By Florence Osmund

Click book for description.  (Downloaded as my free March Prime borrow)

While this book was enjoyable and a quick-read (5 nights), I am glad it is over.  Also I’m really sick of having John Mayer’s “Daughters” stuck in my head!  Seriously, I’ve been singing it since I downloaded this book and it’s not really one of my favorite songs, although it does have a good message.   It does take some time to figure out why the book is titled Daughters (plural), but it is appropriately titled and has a very sweet ending.

Daughters is the sequel to The Coach House, my last review.  I enjoyed that book, but felt it was lacking and left me hanging.  So I had high hopes for this book as it picks up right where The Coach House leaves off.  It continues the story of Marie, who recently discovered who her birth father, the beginning of their relationship, and her struggle with who she recently discovered she is, set in the 1940’s.  Marie left behind a home and husband in Chicago to start a new life for herself in the first book.  Her husband was in some shady business and had mob ties, so she was always on the run and you never knew when Richard would show up.  A little bit of this continues into this book, but is quickly remedied and ended.  Good for Marie, not so good for the reader as that was one of the few more exciting parts!

The book focuses on some hard issues like race relations, parent/child relationships, illnesses, and death.  At times I felt many things were over-analyzed and discussed and I wanted to scream “THERE IS NO USE IN WORRYING – JUST LIVE AND DEAL WITH IT THEN!!”  I kept waiting for action, and while there were a few mildly entertaining parts, overall I felt it was pretty low-key.  The author again does a very good job at character development and I enjoyed getting to know and see Rachel grow throughout the book along with some new and old characters.  It was overall a decent book with a sweet ending for Marie and I’d recommend as a follow-up to The Coach House to wrap everything up in a neat little bow!

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