An Afternoon of Worship


March 17th 2013, our backyard was transformed into a concert arena as we hosted An Afternoon of Worship with Jay & Abby Akins.  Jay & Abby are an amazingly talented, God-loving, beautiful couple who are raising awareness and funds to record their first worship album.   They have led the contemporary worship service at First Presbyterian Church in Peachtree City for as long as we have been attending (and longer before that) and are truly an inspiration as I strive to find what I am called to do.  This event was the first in a series of “Living Room Sessions” Jay & Abby will be performing over the next few months in private homes.  It was an acoustic, raw, introduction to their very own songs.  Combined with stories of inspiration, verses, and prayers, this was an event full of emotion that brought many to goosebumps and even tears (in a good way!)  We feel blessed to have them in our lives and yesterday in our backyard.  .

During warm-up:


The spread: (Drinks were outside)

IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0013

Thank you to Danette from Mercy Drops (and Jay’s baby sister!) for the beautiful cupcakes!  Check out her summary of the event and importantly her recipes for those mouth-watering cupcakes here.  And I have to note that the cupcakes are displayed proudly upon our cupcake tower used at our wedding!  (We like to break it out and any and all events since we do own it!)  Thank you to Danette & Jay’s mom for the pickle/olive/cheese/meat/cracker spreads.  Thank you to Ms. Gayle – Jay & Abby’s “tour manager” for helping organize the event and for bringing sodas for all to enjoy.  Thank you to my parents for the popcorn machine – which were the perfect “grab & go” snack for the concert. And my contribution (in addition to the venue) was the chocolate and vanilla music note lollipops (and some chocolate dipped pretzels for the kiddos).  My first time trying chocolate molds and I think it went pretty well and I may be hooked!  I bought the molds (CK Products 2-Inch Music Note Sucker Chocolate Mold), chocolate (CK Products Merckens Candy Coating 1 Pound Bag, White), and sticks (Wilton 1912-1001 4-Inch Lollipop Sticks, 150 Pack) from Amazon.

Steven (and LM)  introducing Jay & Abby (and Corey on Guitar & Chelsea on Cello) and beginning with prayer:

IMG_0019 IMG_0021

During the concert:

(I love it!  Both the concert and the way the back patio and yard looks filled with musicians, music, and friends)

IMG_0025 IMG_0026IMG_2465

Thank you to Jay & Abby and all those in attendance.  It was a beautiful day to worship and celebrate what God is doing through Jay & Abby and their music.

Lastly a few more shout-outs to Steven, LL, and my parents, who helped ready our yard by power washing and putting down 18 yards of mulch and 50 bales of pinestraw!  Nothing like a good event to get the yard in great shape for Spring!



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3 responses to “An Afternoon of Worship

  1. Henrietta

    Thanks so much for a wonderful and inspiring afternoon. Your home is lovely and great place for a backyard concert. You and Steven, did a GREAT job!! And I LOVED seeing
    My SWEET Molly!!!!

  2. Bethany Ivey

    It was such a fun afternoon! Love you and your family!

  3. CoskiNation

    Thanks so much for hosting!!!


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