Baxter is here to stay


Yes – it’s Bret Michaels.  He’s still here.  I was looking for something (anything!) to not like about this dog.  But he really is a good dog and has won us all over.  Yes – he has some puppy issues, but I really can’t blame him for picking up a few kids toys around the house (there are an awful lot of them and LM makes the same mistake with dog toys!)

It’s been a week, the initial craziness is over…just a few minutes added to our AM/PM routine and an extra lap around the house before we leave to get him in the crate (I could use the exercise anyways!)  We scheduled his “snipping” in 2 weeks.  And I don’t think I’d have the heart to pull him away from LL.  She continues to tell everyone we bought her a puppy.  Usually a pretty big decision for a family.  Apparently not ours (see below for a few reasons).  The girls (who we often dub the high school cheerleaders) have accepted him pretty well, and it is so good to see their inner puppy come out as the play with Baxter.   And at bedtime – they all assume their positions (Zevon with LL, Devon with us, and Baxter under our bed) and sleep through the night!

Signs we are crazy dog people;
1. We are strong believers that our dogs find us (as shown by our 3 rescue pups)
2. We keep an extra crate (or 2) in our garage.
3. We have extra leashes, collars, bowls, beds…
4. We bring a puppy into our home with no planning (and one of us out-of-town!)

And bless my wonderful husband, all of this happened while he was traveling for work.  He is also a big supporter of signs and dogs and me, so he graciously left the decision in my hands!  It also didn’t hurt that he LOVED the name we picked out – Baxter!  He keeps referencing Anchorman – which I now see there is a sequel to coming out. (See clip below) That was NOT on my mind – I’ve just always liked names with X’s.  LL’s suggestions included Boy Devy or Pluto.  While he would be the correct color for Pluto and it would be nice to look back and remember this stage of life where everything is Mickey Mouse, I started frantically throwing out suggestions and this one took.  Luckily Daddy agreed!

Along with picking a name that we could live with for say the next 10-20 years, Steven’s telltale sign that the dog was not temporary in our house was the fact I bought the 40 lb bag of dog food!  I argue it was because it was a good value, but maybe subconsciously there was a deeper reason!  Now to solidify our decision, I have scheduled his neutering at Animal Medical Clinic and ordered his official family dog collar.  (My family has always ordered from Satin Stitches by Sue – so we were a bit sad to see she has retired – but hopefully her predecessor will do a good job!)

So help me welcome the newest member of our household, our 3rd dog – Baxter!  Stay tuned for lots more adventures and updates!


Anchorman Clip:

Steven playing in the yard with Zevon & Baxter on a cold AM while the kids looked on:


I think he’s made himself comfortable:



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4 responses to “Baxter is here to stay

  1. Lesa

    Love this story!!

  2. Robin

    He is one very lucky puppy to have find your family!!

  3. Emily

    Welcome to the family Baxter!!

  4. CoskiNation

    Oh yay! Our pets have always been kind of dropped in our laps too! We must get the pups together sometime! Our Luther loves any and every dog!


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