Valentine’s Craft Day (Pinterest Inspired)

LM is sick.  We had no plans this AM.  A great time to have a Pinterest craft morning at home – with a Valentine’s Day theme!

First up was mess-free finger painting.  (I’ve seen this a ton on Pinterest – but here is one link)  We bought LL finger paints for Christmas.  She’s been begging to use them.  I have been using the excuse that they paint everyday at school, so why do I need to make our house dirty?  But today I decided to give in and this is my baby step into the world of finger painting.

IMG_2212 IMG_2213 IMG_2214

Results – I think it was a great activity for LM!  He enjoyed the texture and colors and it kept him entertained much longer than LL.  She enjoyed it – but within a few minutes was ready to move on.  Tip – be generous with the amount of paint.  I don’t think I used enough in the bigger bag.  I would do it again!  (Don’t mind our PJ’s – the rare day we don’t leave the house – there is no need to get dressed!)

IMG_2215 IMG_2217

For LL – we decided to go ahead and (gasp) make the mess and take the paints out of the bag.  She did great.  Smock is highly recommended as that absorbed most of the mess.  But this kept her entertained much longer.  We even started our valentine’s too!  (I’m trying to do more with handprints because they just grow too fast!)


Next we moved on to more Valentines.  I saw this Sign Language Valentine’s Card on Pinterest too and thought it was adorable and also shows the size of LL’s hand at this age!


This was just too cute!  I’m not sure if you call it a dog or what – but I saw it and fell in love here.  By this point kiddos were tired of crafts – so I’ll take credit for this little guy!  Now who should I give it too!?


I had grand plans to make LL’s school valentines or I mean “help her”  – like these 2 below (from Pinterest/Etsy):

Cupcake Valentine with sucker as the cherry on top.KIDS VALENTINE CARD,Swedish fish,candy favor, including bags and ties,fish bowl,treat,. $10.00, via Etsy.

But they are for 2-3-year olds – so we decided to buy a box of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Valentines (LL’s fav) and then I rounded up some envelopes and let LL go crazy with stickers and stamps.  We topped each one off with a stamp and called it a day.  I think the 3-year olds will be happy!


After a full HOUR (I thought it would take a little longer) we were all crafted out – so we moved along to free play.  LL decided it was time for Devon to take a nap and this was too cute not to share!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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One response to “Valentine’s Craft Day (Pinterest Inspired)

  1. Emily

    Soo crafty!! Looks like a fun day and much clesner/ easier then wrapping a table in plastic like we did when we did our valentine painting!! 🙂


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