Jay & Abby Akins

When I think about calling and those who have found their true calling, Jay & Abby Akins come quickly to the top of this list.  Their love of God, each other, and what they do is so inspiring.  I feel blessed to call them friends and their music inspires me every Sunday.

We were first introduced to the Akins at First Presbyterian Church where they lead the contemporary worship service.  The music is AMAZING and their passion for what they do shines through the minute you meet them.  They were called to lead others to Christ through their music.  Not only do they both hold full-time jobs, but they lead worship at church, youth groups, and corporate events all around town.  Talk about keeping a busy schedule!  I have never seen them tired or complaining and that is a true sign of God-given passion.  And one more big check in my book is their love of dogs (specifically rescued greyhounds – as I had mentioned in a previous post as a potential future dog for us!)

We are all very excited for their newest project – recording their 1st worship album!  Here is a link to learn more about them and their campaign to raise money to record said album.  I cannot wait to see the final project so I’d encourage everyone to check them out and help them along their way.  I can promise that you won’t be disappointed!

I can only keep praying that God will work through me the way he has through these two!  On my journey to find my “calling” I will be posting stories of others that have inspired me and this is the perfect couple to kick that off!

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