Book Review: Playing Nice

Book description and download can be found here. (I downloaded free on 1/29/13)

By Rebekah Crane

Finish time: 4 nights.  (30-60 min each night)  Per my time to finish rating – this book ranks high.  It kept my interest and each night I was anxious to pick it back up and find out what happened next.

I did not initially realize the book falls into the “young adult” category.  I’m not exactly sure what that genre means – I guess that it is geared more towards “young adults” or it contains characters that fall into that category?  Either way, I don’t mind the occasion transport back to high school.  Key word – occasional.  High school was not the highlight of my life, it was an important step in my life, but not one I care to revisit much.  As this book reminded me, it is a tough time, teenagers are mean, and it is a time to begin to figure out who you are.

Marty was a very likable main character.  Having always fit into the perfect mold her mother made for her, even being voted nicest student at her high school, the book is her journey to figure out who she really is.  Even as an “experienced adult”, her insecurities and struggles hit home.  Introduce Lil, the new and “bad girl”, who begins Marty’s questioning of what SHE really likes and are the choices she makes really hers.  It is enjoyable to see their friendship grow and each of their characters really come to life within the pages.  Add in some BFF drama, first crushes, rebel behavior, musical references, and other typical coming-of-age teenage experiences and I think I’m fully transported back to high school, luckily only for a few nights.  (Although some parts made me feel old – calling Green Day so “90s” – that one hurt!)

There is a little mystery behind Lil’s family’s background.  It is revealed, but I felt could have been more controversial.  Not that a high school story needs more drama, but I think I was expecting a few more twists (maybe she was Marty’s long lost sister!?)

I feel the book ended well and left me satisfied.  Even at the current .99 price – I would recommend this book and look forward to future titles by this author.

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