Atlanta RV Show

Yesterday we headed up to the Atlanta Camping and RV Show.  We’ve always talked about owning an RV to explore the country.  We’ve also heard from many people to do it while kids are young and that it is a great memory maker.  While we are not quite financially or informationally (ok I made up a word – but we have a lot more research to do!) ready – it was fun to go and dream.  MANY were excessive, many were very basic, but lots in between that could meet and more than meet our needs for exploration and being comfortable in the process.  Having done NO research, we were actually pleasantly surprised by the pricing.   A basic model can start around $10k and a deluxe, top-of-the-line house (luxury house albeit) on wheels can set you back a mere $300k.  Ofcourse everyone needs a fireplace, 6 tv’s, surround sound, granite countertops, and a stainless steel full size fridge on wheels!  It was the beginning stage of our research, but a great way to spend a Saturday.  LL had a blast showing off all the features of each and every RV and may have some spokes-modelling in her future!

Here are a few pictures I found on Google of “extreme” RVs.  We didn’t see any quite like these but we did see some pretty lavish ones!


And here are some pictures of our experience:


So what does this have to do with anything?  As I’ve been thinking about this – maybe it could play a part in my calling.  I recently read a book Following Daisies – A True Story About One Woman’s Adventures Finding Happiness, Fulfilling Dreams and Becoming Herself by Heather Pardon (borrowed free from Amazon Prime).  It is an auto-biography of the author’s journey of self-discovery across Canada in her daisy-covered RV (See below and read more about it on her blog here.)  Her wildly decorated RV was an easy conversation opener with strangers throughout her journey and brought unexpected joy to many unsuspecting people.  So maybe we could use our future RV as a source of spreading joy on our travels?  Or possibly the word of God?  Am I being called to spread His message through an RV? (Not quite like the picture below – but just shows it could be done!)

In the midst of the show, we found a few little non-camping or RV related gems.  A pocket pet squirrel anyone?  That was a bit creepy.  Through displays of stun guns, knives, candles, and dip, we found a little booth with a lot of heart.  I truly felt pulled to this particular booth, both by little hands, but also by my heart.  In the middle of RV craziness were the 5 warmest hearts with the coldest noses, those of 5 rescued greyhounds courtesy of the Southeastern Greyhound Club.  I felt a tug back to where I know God has placed my heart and my passion – rescue dogs.  So I’m not sure if it will be welcoming a greyhound into our home one day or a bigger purpose for an RV – but it was definitely a message I couldn’t ignore.  Maybe our RV could be a source of transport for rescue dogs or an aid during a disaster?  But it was just a small glimpse at what could seem like an extravagant purchase may be part of my bigger purpose (thus prompting a post here!).  We’ll have to wait and see!

Overall a great day!  Lots more research and saving to do, but very excited to see what the future holds.  Any other ideas for our future RV?

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