LL’s 3rd Birthday Lego Party

I’m happy to report that I got my second wind.  December (and well November) was my super-planning months; shopping, LM’s birthday party, LL’s school Christmas party and Christmas (and lots in between!).  Needless to say – I was exhausted by the time Christmas arrived.  Lucky for us – we get to celebrate another birthday just 9 days later!  LL turned 3 on January 3rd.  Her golden birthday!  Since we were still on school break we decided to push her party till January 12th after school was back in.  I had a super cute invite planned in my head, but since I wanted to get the word out pre-Christmas, I had to suck it up and send out an e-vite.  Legos, Chick-fil-A, and cake.  Simple.

Too bad simple doesn’t seem to be in my vocabulary.  2013 rolled in and I feel refreshed and ready to plan!  Our theme was Legos.  LL loves to build and I am all about catering to that (I’m sure we aren’t too far off from princess parties.)  Based on my short Pinterest research, my party is simple.  Primary colors, simple food, and easy activites.  Afterall the party is for 3-year olds.  Oh the things I could do…with all the time and money in the world that is!

We also took a trip up to LegoLand at Phipps Plaza on December 30th for inspiration.

Party details:

Food –

Chick-fil-A nuggets – because they are LL’s favorite and they are just plain good!
PB&J – kid-friendly remember!
Ritz Bits, Pretzels, and Grapes – sticking with my “round” theme.
Juice Boxes  wrapped like Legos
Lego Block cakes – this is probably my extent of baking.  Not beautiful – but I think make the point!  Decorated with cookies (see next) and a “3” made out of legos.
Sugar Cookies – I always make the year in cookies.  And I went with simple dots.
M&M’s – again round and bright primary colors
Yellow table cloth, red plates, blue napkins.




CONSTRUCT your own Lego creation (I bought 2 650-count LEGO boxes and 3 baseplates)

BUILD your own minifigure (Lego Minifigure sticker book proved to be a GREAT purchase!  Separated out heads, bodies, and legs and let them go crazy!)

DESIGN your own door hanger (I put each kids name on it in foam stickers and they get to decorate with more stickers!)



Nametags – we picked out a Lego minifigure sticker from the book mentioned above, and put each child’s name in foam stickers, on a small lego made from construction paper, and attached a jingle bell (that was LL’s touch – and didn’t hurt that we got them 90% off after Christmas!)

Gift Bags – Decorated as Legos in Red, Yellow, and Blue, name tags attached in my attempt at Lego font.  They included a sugar cookie in their initial, a bag of M&M’s, a mystery Lego minifigure, stickers, a clapper, and a bouncy ball.  (Many of LL’s favorite things!)[000002]
And my favorite was this awesome shirt by Ready, Set, Create on Etsy.  So many compliments!  Great seller!


We kept the headcount small, 7 kids total, and I think the overwhelming consensus is that everyone had a blast!  I should have taken a picture of the “after”!  Really it wasn’t too bad and LL was very happy!  I was exhausted, but proud.  I have a lot to live up to now!

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