Book Review: Back to You

Book description can be found here.  Borrowed for free through Amazon Prime Lender’s Library (My January Book)

By Priscilla Glenn

Another book that kept me up late and turning pages.  The main characters in the book are Lauren, Del, and Del’s young daughter Erin.  The book skips around a lot between Del’s childhood, Lauren & Del’s high school years, and present day.  It is done well and clearly labeled so it doesn’t feel choppy.  Throughout the book one “event” is referred to over and over again as a defining moment in Lauren and Del’s life.  It is not revealed until very close to the end and I have to say didn’t live up to the build-up.  It did tie everything together though and throughout the book you find yourself routing for a certain outcome.  The characters felt like friends of mine and I could almost picture people I went to high school with in these roles.  The daughter throws a bit of a twist in there, but you quickly fall in love with Erin and Del as her father.

Very enjoyable read and I would recommend it as a light, entertaining read.

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