Book Review: From Notting Hill with Love…Actually

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By Ali McNamara.

This will be my first book review, but probably the 100th free Kindle book I have read in the last 2 years.  Many of them are pretty cheesy, cute romantic stories that will entertain for a little, but really don’t make me feel any differently (smarter, happier, whatever) afterwards.  I figured this would be another one of those, but surprisingly I was wrong.

I enjoyed Love Actually and had maybe seen a few of the other movies (Sleepless in Seattle, Bridget Jones’ Diary) mentioned throughout this book, but most I had not (Notting Hill for example).  There may very well have been references I had missed but most I felt were weaved into the story line as the main character, Scarlett O’Brien’s mission throughout the book was to prove that real-life could be as good as the movies.

The book takes place around London and Notting Hill, so there is a short adjustment to the  language, i.e. the go to the cinema (not the movies), but really gives you the feel of being in England.  Scarlett is likeable from the start and I really felt I was along for the ride on her journey to find her mother and is true movie love really exists!

There was romance, a mystery, fun characters, and enough action to keep the pages turning.  Very enjoyable read and highly recommended!

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